I help you make more money.

Brent, freelance copywriter, in his home office.

Freelance Copywriter on Casual Friday at the home office. (It wasn’t Friday.)

What do you get when you combine the helpfulness of an English teacher with the strategic thinking of an MBA? You guessed it – me.

About helping, you’re here because you want help with your business’ messaging. You need copy that makes people say:

  • Yes! That’s just what I need.”
  • And, “Wow…! They get me. I can relate with them.”
  • And, “Great! I’ve found my new go-to solution.”

You’re in luck because helping people succeed is in my blood.

As an English teacher abroad, I learned to adapt my communication style across cultures to better connect with people. As your copywriter, I tailor my writing to your unique branding and voice to connect with your audience so that they take action and boost your bottom line.

Working as the marketing director of a language school in Spain, I wrote cohesive on-brand messaging to increase student numbers of all ages, and carried out multilingual campaigns to attract students from the US, UK, EU, and Asia. Now as your copywriter, I use my expertise in marketing to improve your sales, subscriptions, membership, or donations so that your organization achieves success.

Drawing a blank while writing about your business? Take that off your plate with professional copywriting.

Maybe you’re a business owner and your mind is full of how great your company and products are. But writing about them effectively is hard.

You sit at your screen feeling overwhelmed by the thought of writing your website copy, complete marketing campaigns, or email series.

But don’t worry—your strategic partner (me!) is here to take that off your plate so that you make more money with less stress.

I have an MBA, so I know my marketing, but theory isn’t enough to write words that sell. Copywriting is part art, part science—a skill that requires specific training.

Need a copywriter for your marketing department or advertising agency project?

I get a kick out of making your life easier. People say I’m a joy to work with, but I’m more than just a smiling face—I write marketing and advertising copy that gets results.

You need words that resonate with your target audience. That deliver benefits at first glance—not puns, not poetry, not ten-dollar words. You need words that are crystal clear, like a store window.

Showing off with creative wordplay is not my priority—writing copy that gets results for you and your company is.

Results like customers reading your company’s emails, or clicking on your ads, or making purchases on your website, or opening your sales letters. Things that boost your sales and create relationships.

Because who wants to produce a costly ad if people are left asking, What’s this about? Or, What’s in it for me? I’ll team up with your creatives so that you always deliver value to customers in exchange for their attention. Up front and before they look away, so that they get to find out how great you are.

I’m more than a freelance copywriter —I’m your strategic partner.

Whether you’re a solopreneur or on the marketing department of a multibillion-dollar corporation, I’ll make your copy sell. Get in touch now for a FREE 25-minute call.

During our chat, you can tell me about your organization, see if we’re a good fit, and decide how I can help.