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Brent’s Small Business Marketing Newsletter

Marketing and advertising tips from a friendly copywriter

So you’re a small business owner looking to up your marketing game. Great! I can help.

Here’s what you’ll get:

I’ll give you actionable tips on marketing and advertising. And it’ll be in Plain English, in a conversational style.

As a business owner, you don’t have time for empty talk or me showing off with big words.

So buckle up – I’ll dangle a few prepositions and split a few infinitives. That won’t interfere with the seriousness of why you’re here.

Expect straight talk on practical things they don’t teach in MBA programs, plus useful links.

You’ll want to know how different parts fit together in your messaging so you get it right or know what you’re looking for when you hire creatives.

Sometimes you’ll get my personal thoughts on building a business. And I might open up a bit. That’s OK with me,  because you’re on my list, and that means something. You’re not some random person on LinkedIn.

Finally, do know that I’ll write back if you hit reply to my newsletter. But to get one, first you gotta sign up. So hope to hear from you soon, and may your business thrive out there.

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