Ziffit textbook buyback letter (SPEC)

Client: Ziffit

Ziffit is a used book trade-in site and a member of the World of Books Group (a sustainable B Corp company). They have sold and resold over 20M items.


They needed copy for a sales letter to increase college textbook buyback rates. The letter would go out with college textbook orders (both from Ziffit and World of Books).


Most students were going to start paging through the new textbook and discard any inserts, so I needed to communicate benefits right up front. To increase follow-through, a bookmark worth keeping was included to remind students of the main idea. In the letter, a Johnson box summarized the message, and a headline communicated the money savings. Two subheads aimed to lower resistance. Firstly, by highlighting the benefit of protecting the environment while saving money. Secondly by highlighting the lack of hassle, good repurchase prices, and free shipping. Copy in each section was written in a fun, friendly, straightforward, and helpful tone appropriate for undergraduate and graduate students, and a final funny postscript was added to make students realize that they would probably never consult their textbooks again anyway. All in all, even if the student just skimmed the headlines and subheads, they would get the gist.

Ziffit.com textbook buyback sales letter - Brent Miller Copywriting, Ikuui Diseño Gráfico.
Ziffit sales letter bookmark insert - Brent Miller Copywriting, Ikuui Diseño Gráfico.
Design: Ikuui Diseño Gráfico