Total Battle — push notifications (SPEC)


Total Battle, by Scorewarrior, offers a multifaceted gaming experience, blending city-building and resource management with dynamic combat and strategic planning. Set apart by its complex systems and mature player base, Total Battle provides a more intricate and thought-provoking experience compared to its competitors, appealing to players who enjoy a blend of strategy, history, and epic storytelling.

Players can make in-game purchases to accelerate their progress and gain an edge over other players and alliances.


Scorewarrior wanted to increase engagement with two target audiences: players who made purchases but hadn’t been online for over 24 hours, and non-paying customers who had been inactive for a year.

To do so, they decided to introduce a new event, September on Fire, centered on the mythological Phoenix.


The client informed me that I could write two to three messages of up to 150 characters. I opted for three 70-90 character messages (three lines of body copy each) so they would be more likely to be read. I provided three series of three messages for A/B testing for each target audience.

To re-engage paying players who hadn’t logged on in 24 hours (push notifications sequences 1A – 1C), I highlighted exciting, time-sensitive content such as “exclusive September rewards” and “Legendary Loot Awaits!” I emphasized the teamwork aspect by pointing out the value of alliance events like the “September Alliance Challenge” and the chance to “win a rare Phoenix artifact for your clan.” I also reminded them of the unique rewards available, which build on what they’ve already achieved and bought, like “rare new packs” and “rightful rewards.”

This method aims to motivate players to come back by tapping into their FOMO, the fun of working with their alliance mates, the adventure of new challenges, and the rewards that come with their ongoing investment in the game.

For the longer-term inactive players who had still not made a purchase, I emphasized reliving the excitement of the game’s initial stages. To do this, I offered special boosts, bonuses, and resources to speed up players’ leveling. I also reintroduced the game’s initial storyteller — first seen in the tutorial — to create a new narrative that would recapture players’ imaginations.

Game push-notification copy samples